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Click the shopping cart icon next to any song (if you wish to purchase it on my Indie Gospel page). You can also use that page to leave a comment for any song to GLORIFY GOD.


6 thoughts on “Music to GLORIFY GOD!”

    • Yes Jonnathan Bailey! We GIVE GOD THE GLORY for ALL HE has given us to SERVE and GLORIFY HIM! GOD bless you always Jonathan!

  1. Paula, these songs are so beautiful and the lyrics are great! I am so glad you messaged them to me.

  2. My comment is printed above this space:
    These Songs are so beautiful and the Lyrics are Great! Amazing good deliverance of them too, Paula.

    • GLORY TO GOD Donna Pettit Ellis with how you are blessed with the music and poems HE has given me to bring people CLOSER TO HIM! Thank you for your very blessed, encouraging words! God has given me MANY MORE poems and MUCH MORE music which is not yet on my website. But i have not published a book of poems. I plan to continue adding more poems, music, and videos to my website as God allows. God bless you Donna! Love to you in the Lord always!

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